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Founded by Lorenzo Campanis in London in 2016, Artlimes is an Innovation Technology company with one goal in mind: using the latest technology to create unique experiences that make the world a better place to live in.

From standard development to IoT, machine learning to workplace automation, Artlimes connects humans with the technology around them to build something amazing. By caring about people and relationships, our team can meet any technical challenge, setting new standards and helping you revolutionise your industry.

Artlimes contributes to open-source communities and gives back to the world through technology, for business evolution and process improvement. It is a dedication that has shaped our culture, one based on honesty, communication and being the best at what we do.


Lorenzo Campanis

Founder & CEO

Lorenzo Campanis is the founder and CEO of Artlimes, where he continues to lead Artlimes realise its vision of creating innovative solutions that connect humans with technology. Lorenzo also currently resides as Non-Executive Director on the Board of That Figures UK, a company that revolutionises the Healthcare industry and is a mentor at the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the University of Economics and Business of Athens. Prior to founding Artlimes in 2016, Lorenzo co-founded PureUnity, a digital agency in Soho Square and has delivered digital products used by millions of users for clients such as the the Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBSG), Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), BBC, Transport for London (TFL), Harrods, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), Bournemouth University and the Mayor of London. Prior to that, Lorenzo setup and managed various technical teams in London and New York and delivered the platform for the National Center for Computer Animation in the UK back in 2005.
 United Kingdom/Greece

Kelly Kaimaki

Chief Communications Officer & Director

Kelly Kaimaki is Chief Communications Officer and Director at Artlimes, with extensive experience in International Journalism, Arts and Media Production. Kelly focuses on communicating our brand to stakeholders, improving loyalty and executing our various brand strategies through traditional and contemporary media channels. In addition to her public relations role, Kelly is also curator behind the Artlimes Curated Featured Artists and the Artlimes Artist Awards. Prior to Artlimes, Kelly has worked as a Producer for Endemol, the BBC and ITV in London and has a strong presence in showbiz as a TV and radio presenter, actress, scriptwriter and published author. Kelly holds a Bachelor’s in Media Studies and Master’s in Theater from the University of Surrey, as well as Master’s in International Journalism from the University of Westminster in London.
 United Kingdom/Greece

the team

Backed by more than 20 years of progressive product design, our team of tech experts know how to approach a challenge from a completely different angle. We bring a fresh perspective and an open mind to every new project. Tell us what you wish you could do and we will work with you to make it a reality.

Thanos Niforos

Chief Investment Officer

Thanos Niforos is Chief Investment Officer and Founder of Acacia Investor Relations, with proven experience in capital markets, IPOs, Wealth Management and Venture Capital deals. Thanos collaborates with corporates, governments and international organisations in various advisory roles. Prior to Artlimes, Thanos was Director of Fundraising Affairs, Executive Office of the Director at European Public Law Organization, Signatory of the UNPRI, Loan and Political Risk Originator for the EDN program of OPIC (DFC) in WDC for New York based investment boutiques, private investment banker for Greek and French banks in Athens and has worked as an investment director for ESCO projects in Greece, Chile and the UK. He has a BBA from European University in Montreux and an MBA in Financial Management from the University of Hull.
 United Kingdom/Greece

Jai Venkaya

Commercial Director

Jai Venkaya is a certified Commercial Director with a proven track record in cross-sector technology sales, account management and business development at start-ups and multinationals. Jai focuses on international commercial strategy, identifying, launching and growing new markets. Prior to Artlimes, Jai was Senior Business Development Manager at Microsoft, UK, driving Microsoft's business development motions across all technical communities. He has an MSc. in Laser Applications and Micro-Processing and a BSc. in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Hull.
 United Kingdom/Czech Republic

Dr. Dimitri Panagiotakopoulos

Head of Autonomous Systems

Dr. Dimitri Pagiotakopoulos is Head of Autonomous Systems and a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at Cranfield University, heading the Unmanned Traffic Management Research Area within DARTeC. Dimitri was an ATC Specialist at Gatwick airport for over 3 years where he developed all Airports’ 10-year Capacity Enhancement Roadmap to maximise runway throughput. Dimitri also worked in Air Traffic Control Systems at NATS in Heathrow Airport for over 6 years as a Senior ATC Systems engineer, leading the development of windfarm mitigation solutions. Dimitri has a PhD in Satellite Positioning and Navigation Systems, Air Traffic Management from Imperial College in London and an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Hull.
 United Kingdom

Giorgos Vasileiou

Head of Software

Giorgos Vasileiou is Head of Software at Artlimes, with multiple IEEE publications in Artificial Intelligence and awarded by GFOSS for his contributions in IoT. Giorgos focuses on full stack development, automation and algorithms. Before joining Artlimes, Giorgos was an Informatics Engineer doing research and development of Artificial Intelligence code at the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (INPP), at the National Centre for Scientific Research Demokritos, in Athens, Greece.

Vaggelis Vlachos

Head of Hardware Engineering

Vaggelis Vlachos is Head of Hardware Engineering at Artlimes and Founder of ICT Lab, with proven solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Perception and Electronics. Vaggelis is also adviser to the Mayor at the Municipality of Tripolis for Digital Transformation, Smart Cities and Artificial Intelligence. He is an active member of the open source and startup community and has received distinctions in various innovation competitions in the field of public security and smart cities.

Nikitas Masouras

Senior Project Manager

Nikitas Masouras is Senior Project Manager with proven experience in management positions in international organisations both in the UK and Greece. Nikitas is a certified Prince2 Practitioner and Agile Scrum Master, focusing on business process re-engineering, productivity optimisation and GDPR compliance as a DPO Executive. Nikitas has an MΒΑ with E-Commerce specialisation from the University of Economics and Business in Athens and a BSc. in Maritime Science from the University of Piraeus.

Mario Stathogiannis

Senior UI/UX Designer

Mario Stathogiannis is Senior UI/UX Designer, with a proven track record of delivering stunning functional visuals for various industries. Mario focuses on engaging User Experience through complex User Interfaces. Prior to joining Artlimes, Marios delivered complete visual solutions for some of the biggest retailers in the UK and Greece, including HotelREZ, iRepair, Plaisio, and RealTrip. Marios has a BA. in Web, Digital/Multimedia and Information Resources Design from Middlesex University in London.

Mohammed Alabdali

Web Developer

Mohammed Alabdali is Web Developer at Artlimes and tutor at Social Hackers Academy, an award-winning NGO based in Athens. Mohammed focuses on reactive and responsive technologies across multiple channels. Prior to Artlimes, Mohammed volunteered as a Computer Instructor at Hestia Hellas. He has a BSc. in Computer Software Engineering from the Amman Arab University in Jordan.


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We believe in bold digital solutions and we aren’t afraid to think unconventionally. If you have a digital technology goal, we want to know about it. If it has never been done before, even better. We love to collaborate with ambitious clients who are looking for disruptive digital products. If you’re looking to change the business processes that influence your company, tell us what you’d like to achieve and we can work together on the solution.

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