What we
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We are sector agnostic.

We minimise human intervention by automating human experience processes into more intelligent systems.

We build more sustainable, eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions that help protect the environment.

We believe in a world where humans leverage the possibilities of AI and other reactive technologies to make the world a safer place to live in.


Artlimes focuses on developing custom technology that redefines the parameters of possibility.

Our development is guided by our interest in addressing future requirements and the potential of industries, so we can offer revolutionary and business-driven solutions to our clients.

Through inspired digital development and a close connection with our clients’ vision and the challenges they face, our solutions drive business growth and help clients achieve their goals.

we do

We help businesses and organisations of all shapes and sizes thrive through innovation with digital products and services.

By developing our own products and applications, we strengthen open source communities that have the same goals as us.

At artlimes we re-engineer overall experiences to achieve results that have never been scoped before.

We code

Artificial Intelligence/
Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

We harness this powerful technology for your business, analysing big data, delivering meaningful insights and enhancing your processes.

Application Programming Interfaces

Application Programming Interfaces

Our APIs use highly modular and secure programming to keep your app simple, agile and ready to adapt to your business needs.

Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces

From versatile touchscreens to intuitive joystick control, we help your employees and customers translate their vision and talents to the digital world.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Through smart technology, we improve automation, control and data collection, building bridges to get your machines and systems speaking the same language.

Web Apps

Web Apps

We take websites to the next level, developing cross-platform solutions that work seamlessly on all latest browsers and adapted to your specific industry.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps

We develop a unique codebase for hybrid app development, one that looks and works the same on all mobile devices for greater efficiency and scalability.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual Reality

We help blend the real and digital world to spark collaboration and interactivity across industries, all through the power of ground-breaking visual media.



We help your business improve transparency and data protection through decentralised blockchain technology, increasing accountability.


PaaS, Marketplace, Art & Design
A highly curated and automated global marketplace that's revolutionising the creative industry.
Preload.aiIn progress
SaaS, Search Engine Optimisation
Blazing fast Single Page Application (SPA) render engine for search engines and bots. A SaaS platform for optimizing page speed rendering and increasing SEO performance.
Maritime, Environmental, AI
A new state-of-the-art eco-friendly, energy efficient and autonomous AI product, built to solve the on-going problem of surface waste, microplastics and dirty waters in ports, marinas and the open sea.

Our Grants / PPP

COSMOSApplied. Results Aug 31st
Healthcare, Medical, Wearables, AI
COrona Screening and MOnitoring with Smart sensing, is a complete new ecosystem driven by AI to solve the problem of Covid-19 in asymptomatic people infected with SARS-Cov-2 and people with only minor symptoms, such as Silent Hypoxia. The solution is for the EU's Horizon 2020 and is in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Society, MCS Data Labs, ICT Lab, Future Needs, That Figures, along with 6 hospitals, including the NHS and the Ministry of Health in Greece.


DOMEEarly stage
PaaS, Finance, AI
A financing platform for new innovative businesses, connecting university students and alumni with angel investors and incubators.
That FiguresProduction
Healthcare, AI
The solution has been deployed in hospitals in Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom. It is a sensor-based positional system collecting real-time data used to analyse and optimise processes in healthcare using machine learning and other technologies.
MumbliIn Progress
Hearing Wellness, Sound & Acoustics
Mumbli enables people to be more productive and to be more connected through inclusive, attractive spaces that are grounded in innovative, accessible approaches to hearing wellness. We build IoT devices that connect people to spaces based on the live atmosphere, whilst giving businesses the ability to optimise and design their spaces for sound.
Atlas Copco Production
The Optimizer 4.0 is a state-of-the-art energy efficient touch-screen and remote browser-based control center for managing compressors and processing vast amounts of real-time data through complex UIs.
Marketplace Demo
A fully responsive, functional, Reaction Commerce demo theme.


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